SA-MRL Series Monorail Lubricators

The SA-MRL Series Monorail Lubricators were specifically designed to have modular, lightweight frames that allow for quick and easy installation without requiring welding to securely mount the lubricator onto the I-beam. The SA-MRL1 chain pin, and SA-MRL2 chain pin and trolley lubricator add-on units are low cost alternatives to stand-alone lubricator heads. The SA-MRL1-C chain pin and SA-MRL2-C chain pin and trolley lubricators are stand-alone lubricator heads with their own SA-50L lubricator control circuit board. Since these lubricators only use one or two of the program channels, there is enough remaining channel capacity for two to three additional lubricators, making it ideal for adding on caterpillar chains or free carrier lubricators. The SA-50L circuit board in the MRL1-C and MRL2-C models eliminate the chance of making unauthorized setting changes.


  • Configurations available to fit any 3″, 4″, or 6″ chain and trolley combination
  • Steel center plates to protect chain pin ejection tubes and steady trolley wheels (on MRL2 or MRL2-C) for a more accurate lubricant dispense
  • Simple and reliable four channel SA-50L circuit board (in MRL1-C and MRL2-C)
  • Multiple ejection tube size offerings
  • Quick disconnect cables


Before each use, make sure all components are in place, are in safe operating condition and operating properly. Do not alter or modify any part of the equipment as this may cause or result in serious bodily injury, including injecting fluid or grease through the skin or splashing in the eyes. To reduce the risk of serious bodily injury or property damage, always read and follow the manual included with the equipment.

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