GR-2000 Series Automatic Trolley Wheel Greasing System

The GR-2000 Series Automatic Trolley Wheel Greasing Systems were specifically designed to have modular, lightweight frames that allow for quick and easy installation and adjustment. The adjustable mounting frame allows for optimal grease nozzle alignment with weld-on brackets and mounting hardware is included for durable construction. The GR-2000 Series is available with standalone controls or can be tied into existing ALT greaser or lubricator controls. Since these greasers only use one of the four available program channels, there is enough remaining channel capacity for up to three additional greasers or lubricators, making it ideal for adding on free carrier greasers. The technician and administrator tiers of control on the optional Bluetooth SA-60L circuit board eliminate the chance of making unauthorized setting changes.


  • Configurations available to fit any 3″, 4″, or 6″ chain and trolley combination
  • Optional simple and reliable four channel Bluetooth SA-60L circuit board
  • Multiple nozzle size offerings
  • Automatic kick-out to prevent jam-up caused by over-travel of the greaser or sudden reversal of chain direction


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