Chain Lube PCL-46

Chain Lube PCL-46 was specially formulated for use in pin chain conveyors, where high operating speeds and temperatures are the norm. Chain Lube PCL-46 is made from synthetic, clean burning ester base stocks designed for high temperature applications and additives that optimize the performance of the lubricant. This lubricant is long lasting, even at high temperatures, and leaves little to no varnish or carbon residue. While competitor’s lubricants will have degraded, Chain Lube PCL-46 will remain as a liquid for longer periods of time, thereby reducing consumption. This lubricant also softens carbon residue left from previous lubricants. It provides excellent wetting and penetrating capability which loosens barrels and links that have heavy deposits and no longer spin or move freely.

Chain Lube PCL-46 can be used in applications where temperatures can range from ambient up to 287 °C (550 °F).

Chain Lube PCL-46 was specially formulated to be applied by ALT’s automated lubrication systems.


Technical Specifications

Appearance Dark Amber
Odor Mild
Viscosity 46 cSt @ 40 °C (104° F)
Viscosity Index 138
Flash Point (COC) ASTM D92 251 °C (484 °F)
Operating Temperature Ambient – 287 °C (550 °F)
Four Ball Wear Scar 0.389 mm
Evaporation Loss per ASTM D2595 5.19%


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