SA-12ECS Econolube System

The SA-12ECS EconoLube system was specifically designed to meet the small-scale needs of industry where a large “centralized” type system would be unsuitable. The EconoLube is an attractive alternative for small facilities or large facilities with single line operations. Compact and competitively priced, the EconoLube system is simple yet integrates the same SA-20CB lubricator control board used in our larger systems, allowing for total unit flexibility. The SA-20CB is programmed using ALT’s SA-50D handheld programmer, which eliminates the chance of making unauthorized setting changes.

All components are designed for maximum usability, security and minimum maintenance. The small, self contained system features a sealed reservoir, which keeps atmospheric contaminants out during normal operation.


  • 45 litre (12 gallon) steel reservoir
  • 1 GPM capacity, 1:1 ratio air diaphragm contained within the pump housing, which also incorporates the pressure regulator and gauge
  • Reservoir mounted power supply and lubricator controls
  • Top mounted float type level gauge, which gives a quick and clear indication of reservoir lubricant level
  • Low level system shut down for protecting the pump from dry run conditions
  • 150 micron line filtration
  • 4 independently programmable I/O channels (see the SA-20CB Product Data Sheet for more information)


Before each use, make sure all components are in place, are in safe operating condition and operating properly. Do not alter or modify any part of the equipment as this may cause or result in serious bodily injury, including injecting fluid or grease through the skin or splashing in the eyes. To reduce the risk of serious bodily injury or property damage, always read and follow the manual included with the equipment.

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