BR-2790 Motorized Brush System

The BR-2790 Motorized Brush System was designed with a modular, lightweight frame that allows for adaptability to clean a wide variety of systems, including overhead monorail chains, hanging load bars, inverted enclosed track chains, and roller chains. Automatic reversal of direction of rotation extends the life of the wire brushes, which also minimizes required maintenance time. Technician and administrator tiers of controls eliminate the chance of making unauthorized setting changes.


  • Replaceable steel wire or nylon wheels that can be selected and customized for optimal cleaning
  • Simple and reliable controls
  • Calendar programmable options
  • Fault or E-stop for automatically disengaging brushes
  • Neoprene curtains, which can be upgraded to steel curtains, to contain debris and minimize mess to reduce hazard risk
  • Stack lights for indicating operation and fault
  • Audible alarms for increasing awareness of moving machinery
  • Optional upgrade to PLC, which allows for remote monitoring with a SA-CBC-115 control panel
  • Optional upgrade to include Bluetooth controls with automatic run report generation


Before each use, make sure all components are in place, are in safe operating condition and operating properly. Do not alter or modify any part of the equipment as this may cause or result in serious bodily injury, including injecting fluid or grease through the skin or splashing in the eyes. To reduce the risk of serious bodily injury or property damage, always read and follow the manual included with the equipment.

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