Chain Lube 3000 HL-SYN

Chain Lube 3000 HL-SYN was developed to meet the extreme lubrication demands of industry. This lubricant provides excellent anti-wear properties and corrosion resistance in applications where a higher viscosity synthetic product is suitable. It reaches all links, pins, and moving parts of a conveyor chain to reduce wear. Chain Lube 3000 HL-SYN also contains molybdenum disulfide, which deposits as a dry film coating on all metal surfaces. The molybdenum disulfide provides excellent anti-wear properties and prevents metal to metal contact. This high viscosity chain lubricant provides enhanced load carrying properties, as demonstrated by the Falex load of +4500 lb.

Chain Lube 3000 HL-SYN was specially formulated to be applied by ALT’s automated lubrication systems.

All reasonable care has been taken to ensure the information contained in this document is accurate as of the day of publication. However, such information may be affected by changes in the blend formulation occurring subsequent to the day of printing.

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