Our Difference


Chain Wear Monitoring

From your desk, you can monitor chain wear, observe buildup of chain contaminants like paint or dirt, and be alerted to the presence of foreign objects caught in the chain. This provides you with an enhanced predictive maintenance capability for your conveyor systems. Our unique system uses machine vision technology to provide you with meaningful chain-wear data. This system provides you with 5x more accurate resolution than other monitoring systems, complete with High-Definition images of problem chain links for easy assessment by the operator.

Tablet-Based Lubrication Controls

Your technicians can quickly and simply adjust lubrication settings using our tablet controls. Administrator settings mean that any changes by your technicians will stay within your prescribed limits, preventing unpleasant surprises. Your technicians can also generate lubricator reports with a tap of the screen, and send you the data needed to improve your predictive maintenance process.

Water-Based Grease

A series of high-performance greases made primarily with water. Our proprietary technology provides anti-wear, extreme pressure, and corrosion protection for wear surfaces. These greases easily wash away, making them great for washdown applications, reducing environmental impact, and wire-drawing applications.

Thin Film Lubrication

Reduce oil mess on your chain conveyor by using thin film lubrication techniques. Molybdenum Disulphide, Graphite, or Boron Nitride along with our proprietary additive packages protect your conveyor chain from wear, reduce friction, and clean away dirt and process contamination. Combined with our automatic conveyor chain lubricators, thin film lubrication is part of a cost-effective solution.