Chain Lube FCL-30

Chain Lube FCL-30 was specially formulated to meet the extreme lubrication demands of heat treatment furnace chains, which reach temperatures beyond the capabilities of even the best, solids-free, synthetic lubricants. The highly refined base stock used in this lubricant was selected due to its ability to quickly penetrate the hot chains while also cleaning chain surfaces and breaking down residue left from previous lubricants. As the carrier delivers the solid film lubricant to internal wear points, it evaporates relatively quickly, which reduces the amount and longevity of smoking that occurs. Chain Lube FCL-30 contains a highly stable wear and friction reducing dispersion of ultrafine graphite particles. This graphite film provides boundary lubrication and helps to prevent metal to metal contact. Chain Lube FCL-30 protects against corrosion, prevents fretting, and reduces break-in time for new equipment. It also eliminates galling, seizing, stick-slip, and press-fit distortion.

All base stocks and additives in Chain Lube FCL-30 are copper and zinc free to comply with requirements of specific heat treatment processes.

Chain Lube FCL-30 can be used in applications where temperatures can range from ambient up to 482 °C (900 °F).

Chain Lube FCL-30 was specially formulated to be applied by ALT’s automated lubrication systems.

All reasonable care has been taken to ensure the information contained in this document is accurate as of the day of publication. However, such information may be affected by changes in the blend formulation occurring subsequent to the day of printing.

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