A picture of the ALT office building in Mono, Ontario.

Celebrating 20 Years

We at Applied Lubrication Technology are proud to celebrate 20 years in business. Beginning out of the garage of company President John Schippers in March of 1999, ALT has since expanded to support more than 400 customers across 5 countries and 2 continents. We are grateful to the employees that have served with the organization, to the vendors and partners that have supported, and most importantly, our customers for giving us the opportunities to demonstrate our capabilities.

Growing from the garage, we now create and produce state-of-the-art equipment and lubricants in our facility to address industrial challenges that continue to increase in sophistication. We have adapted proactively to increased safety and environmental standards by reducing hazards and increasing our automation and remote inspection capabilities. Looking forward, we aim to continue improving the next generation of conveyor chain lubrication and maintenance products and backing them with our highest standard of service.

These last 20 years could not have been so successful without the enduring loyalty of customers, some of whom have been with us for our entire history, and many more who have been returning for more than a decade. We believe this is a reflection of our commitment to service, delivery, and quality consistently exceeding the high expectations of our customers.