A tipped oil barrel spills its contents onto the soil in an open field.

How Can Water Improve Your Lubrication Process?

ALT would like to announce the launch our new Water-Based Grease product line. This is a range of products specifically formulated to address applications requiring cleanliness, performance, or environmental sensitivity. These products are more than just water-soluble, they are water-based and formulated with sustainably-sourced rheology and performance additives. We have these products in NLGI grades of 0, 1, and 2.

When conventional greases pose a contamination risk to your process (such as in finishing or coating applications), our Water-Based Grease can protect your wear points and easily wash off when required. This can reduce the mess and grease build-up that occurs through years of reapplication and means quick cleanup when grease accumulates on the floor (slip and fall hazard!).

Are you concerned about soil contamination on your property due to the run off from grease on hoists, jacks, or rollers? The European Environmental Agency claims that more than 40% of all soil contamination in Europe is from industrial production or commercial services. More than 55% of this contamination is formed by petroleum derived products and more than 33% of all soil contamination is from mineral oil alone (European Environmental Agency, 2017). Remove a source of mineral oil contamination and reduce future liabilities associated with clean up costs by testing one of our Water Based Greases today!


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